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Products and Services:


Unique Massage Technique

George’s unique approach to massage includes:

• Traditional Chinese Massage

A recognized medical therapy that has been practiced for 2,000 years, Traditional Chinese Massage embraces techniques that include compression, percussion, vibration and friction, used repetitively upon the entire body to treat chronic pains, arthritis and other conditions, to release stiff muscles, increase strength and improve overall flexibility, and relieve anxiety and stress, among many other benefits.

• Reiki

This Japanese technique reduces stress and promotes relaxation and healing. The theory behind the Reiki system of natural healing is that a certain life source or life energy runs through us. When this energy is low, stress and illness are more likely and when it is high, we are healthy and happy

• Bowen Technique

A practitioner of this approach uses thumbs and fingers to apply very gentle pressure to specific points on the body, using Bowen’s unique rolling-type motions. There is no hard tissue manipulation, impact or force with Bowen, on the theory that a light approach, delivered at precise points, stimulates the body’s own innate healing and pain-relieving faculties.

Massage for Disabilities

For the past 20 years, George has focused a great portion of his career providing treatment and relief for those who suffer from muscle and joint-related disabilities:

  • Wheelchair-bound clients: Seated for extended periods of time, they tend to experience back pain issues. Massage therapy can provide significant relief from hip pain, lower and upper back pain, etc.
  • Cerebral palsy or spastic quadriplegia: Massage can be used to stretch out joints that have been ‘locked’ or ‘bent’ into a single immobile position. Clients experience relief when their ligaments are loosened and their joints are returned to their normal positions.
  • Spastic and tight muscles: Massage can prevail in cases where a limb refuses to obey a mental instruction and provide feedback as to where the arms, hands, legs and feet are positioned. Massage can ‘melt’ and relax spastic muscles and provide increased body awareness.

Mind-Body Medicine

A fully relaxed body promotes a fully relaxed mind. The reverse is also true. Mind-Body medicine works on the premise that one’s thoughts and emotions influence their physical health—it’s the basis of traditional Eastern medicine going back 2,000 years. Recent studies support the validity of this approach across a wide range of health conditions.

To enhance your massage treatment, George recommends the healing and relaxation programs of Mind-Body medicine pioneer Dr. Emmett Miller, M.D., which are available on CD or as mp3 downloads through Mindivine (

Dr. Miller’s recorded programs are widely used by medical facilities including Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic as well as by health professionals, business people, performers and athletes, including members of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team. Each program is tailored to a specific issue, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Anxieties
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Fears Phobias
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation
  • Relaxation

Visit Mindivine ( for a lot more information on Mind-Body medicine and to purchase Dr. Miller’s programs.